張会斌 イメージ

張会斌 (チョウカイビン)

Zhang Hui Bin is an Erhu concert soloist, Educator, Conductor, Composer and Chinese folk, Ethnic Minority music expert. 

He had made more than 500 recordings, adopted numbers of music from violin to orchestral pieces which made a significant impact on advancing Erhu technique. 

He began to study erhu and violin from a young age, completed his musical education at prestigious China Conservatory of Music, graduated with one of the most remarkable achievements in performance in school history. Upon graduation, he was selected to remain at the conservatory as an assistant teaching stuff and appointed as a member of faculty in Erhu in 1985, Head of Research in 1990. While he also served as concertmaster for China/Central Conservatory of Music Traditional Orchestra. He was a faculty member for Chinese Music at Peking University, Beijing Foreign Studies University and Beijing Language and Culture University too. Many of graduate had become crucial figures in today’s Chinese music scene. He received the Chinese national higher education teaching certificate for his experience and teaching skill. 

As a concert soloist, he had performed numerous of concert both nationally and internationally, including solo performances for national guests: Priminister of United Kingdom, Priminister of Japan and legendary conductor Herbert von Karajan.

After migration to Tokyo, Japan, he devotes his time to spread Chinese folk music to the public. Performing, teaching at regions throughout Japan, trained many pupils to Erhu teacher. He showed the incredible skill of performing more than ten kinds of string Chinese folk instrument at one concert in Japan-China friendship centre and Yokosuka Arts Theatre. He makes a constant appearance in various media, conference and publications, continue to his research on Ethnic music. 

He was appointed emeritus professor at China Conservatory of Music.